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In my teens, twenties and early thirties, I had really good skin. I was THAT girl that washed her face with shower gel and moisturised with whatever moisturiser was lying around. If I ever decided to splash out on skincare, I’d buy a Neutrogena face wash and a toner or moisturiser from the £1 camomile range Superdrug sold at the time (the moisturiser from that range is still THE best moisturiser I’ve ever used). In my mid 30’s I developed allergies / intolerances to an alarming range of food groups. It seemed like I’d break out in hives all over my face and neck if I even thought about eating certain things. (I’ve FINALLY discovered the cause of the food allergies and intolerances and I’ve found a very simple “cure” but I’ll talk more about that in a separate post).

The hives left me with Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation and over the years I’ve spent obscene amounts of money trying to fix it. Different things work for different people. Some people have the good fortune of being able to use things like coconut oil / shea butter / apple cider vinegar / the freshly brewed leaves of herbs gathered by the mystical creatures of the rainforest to successfully deal with their skin issues. My skin decided to be allergic to ALL of the above and only respond to ACID and the general rule of thumb is – acid that you can put on your face = price tag that should be illegal.

I accepted my fate and bought the illegally priced acid. It made a difference. And then, it was discontinued.

Two weeks ago, when I was down to the last few drops of my discontinued, illegally priced acid, I turned to Google (as we all do in times of desperate need). A search of some of the active ingredients brought up a selection of even more obscenely priced products and then, the clouds parted, celestial song filled the air and the word SUPERDRUG floated off my screen like some sort of angel / butterfly hybrid.

I clicked on the link and found a range of products containing a bunch of my skin’s favourite ingredients – each one going for less than the price of a dairy free, nut free, sugar-free… muffin. Aaaaannnd, there was and still is, a buy one get one free offer! I ordered four products from the range and I’ve used them 4 or 5 times so far. They have already made a HUGE difference. So far, they seem to work better than any of the products I used in the past, probably because I’m using the range as opposed to carefully metered drops of illegally priced serum / moisturiser.

Glycolic acid and fruit acids aren’t just great for hyperpigmentation, they help even out skin tone, deal with active blemishes / acne and reduce the appearance of fine line and wrinkles. I highly recommend the four products I’ve tried and I’m pretty sure the rest of the range is just as impressive. The entire range is infused with plant extracts, suitable for vegans and vegetarians and cruelty-free. What’s not to love…?

The four products I ordered are:

  1. Superdrug Naturally Radiant Glycolic Overnight Peel 30ml – £5.99 (£3 with the offer)
  2. Superdrug Naturally Radiant Hot Cloth Cleanser 150ml – £5.99 (£3 with the offer) this cleanser is often named as the best substitute for Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish.
  3. Superdrug Naturally Radiant Renewing Night Cream 75ml – £5.99 (£3 with the offer)
  4. Superdrug Naturally Radiant Glycolic Acid Pads 60 – £5.99 (£3 with the offer)

I’ve included links to other products in the range below:

Happy Shopping!

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